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Drain Cleaning

Eliminate Problems Like:

  • Smelly Drains
  • Slow-Draining Sinks, Tubs, & Showers
  • Gurgling Sounds in Pipes
  • Gross Backed-Up Water
  • Expensive Repairs

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Our Drain Cleaning Process

1. Initial Inspection

After scheduling your drain cleaning service, an experienced and licensed plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing inspects your drain lines using our cutting-edge camera technology to get to the root of the problem. This step allows us to identify the clog in your drain, as well as any damage or other obstructions in the pipes.

2. Clearing the Drain

Once we’ve identified the clog in your drain, your technician gets to work quickly clearing the drain. We avoid using caustic chemicals whenever possible to prevent damage to the pipes. A drain snake is used to break up and clear any built-up material that’s blocking your drain or obstructing your pipes.

3. We Leave Your Home “White Glove” Clean

Our friendly and professional technicians treat you and your home with the utmost respect. At the end of every service, we ensure that we leave your house “White Glove” Clean. You won’t even know we were there!

The Perks of Getting Your Drains Cleaned

  • Reduces and eliminates the nasty smells and sounds coming from your pipes.
  • Keeps the pipes and drains clear and healthy
  • Video inspection gives you peace of mind that your pipes are not damaged by tree roots or other obstructions.
  • Helps you avoid costly repairs

Is Drain Cleaning Right for You?

Is your plumbing frequently backed up?

Does your sink, tub, or shower take forever to drain?

Can you hear nasty gurgling sounds as the water drains?

Does your backed up water smell terrible?

Has it been over 1 year since your last drain cleaning service?

Our Happy Customers

“Ben Franklin Plumbing made me feel extremely comfortable entering my home! Didn’t have to ask them to put their shoe covers on and they were extremely clean, careful, and polite. The technician could not have performed a more professional job. Highly recommended!!”

“Great experience! Reggie installed a new sink/faucet I had purchased previously, but before doing so had to replace a faulty shut off valve. It’s great to have the peace of mind in knowing things were done professionally and that the work is guaranteed. I highly recommend Ben Franklin Plumbing and in particular want to thank Reggie.”

“A+ communication from scheduling the service to having a technician at our home. They communicated their arrival by the minute so we knew exactly when to expect them. Technicians respected our home and worked efficiently … very happy with the service provided.”

Drain Cleaning FAQs

How often should I clean out my drains?

Once Per Year – For best results, think of drain cleaning like yearly maintenance for your pipes.

How do I know if I need to clean my drains?

Know the Signs – The main signs of a drain that needs to be cleaned out include draining slowly, water getting backed up, frequent clogs, as well as bad smells and unusual sounds coming from the drains.

Can I just use a drain cleaning product like Drano?

We Do NOT Advise! – Products like Drano and other similar products may provide temporary relief to a backed up drain, but they can cause serious problems to your pipes, joints, etc. These products cause a chemical reaction within your draining system that creates heat which can cause pipes to swell up, joint glue to deteriorate, etc. which can end up causing much more serious problems and end up costing a lot of money. Having your drains cleaned professionally will ensure that your pipes are not damaged and will get to the root of your problem, rather than slapping a bandaid on it and having larger problems down the road.

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